Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Garden

1) Keep your outside space tidy
Open out the space and maximise the area by trimming back any overgrown area’s ensure that if your potential purchasers arrive the drive way is cleared of any children’s toys, cars, gardening waste, bulk waste and rubbish bag. You may be having a clear out as you’re moving but they don’t need to see it. It is usually men who notice how easily maintained the garden space is and having an messy or overgrown space can really put them off.

2) Add some colour
Where ever possible make your space seem more pleasing to the eye by adding some floral decoration. A simple touch is to buy a set of pots or maybe a hanging basket and plant colourful healthy looking plants and for the time your house is being viewed it will be appealing. Try to avoid heavily scented flowers as this can be quite personal and the wrong smell could leave the wrong lasting impression. A real benefit of pots or basket is they are usually relatively inexpensive and you can always move them with you to a new property.

3) Edging the space
The edging of your space should also be well maintained depending upon the type of space you have. If your property has a smaller outside space blurring the edges with some potted plants but not too large can make an improvement and in some cases painting the walls a lighter colour can brighten the space but ensure the colour is neutral and in keeping with the rest of the property’s overall look. If you have a fairly big garden show it off with clearly defined edging ensuring that all fencing looks in good repair and freshly painted or any brickwork is pristine.

4) The entertainment space
If you have a well maintained clearly defined back garden space use it to your advantage by creating a scene. Have a cleaned and well maintained barbeque on show with a chair and tables as if you use the space to entertain and relax frequently even if it’s not your personal taste most potential purchasers can be sold by the idea of something rather than the reality. If you have the benefit of sunshine maximise the effect by offering refreshment when they reach the back garden and invite them to sit and make themselves at home.

5) Water features
If you have the chance and the funding to add something just a little bit special for the extra effect then purchasing a self contained water feature that is both attractive and child friendly

Can make the memorable feature that puts your property ahead of the other’s in the same price range.